NAIDOC 2019 Celebrations

NAIDOC Week at Kingsgrove North High School

NAIDOC theme: Voice Treaty Truth

“I acknowledge the homelands of all Aboriginal people and
pay my respects to Country”.

On Friday 28 June, Kingsgrove North High School celebrated NAIDOC Week and organised a range of activities to honour the First Nations of our great land.

Session 1

The day began with a performance by Sean Choolburra. Sean is an Aboriginal comedian from Queensland who uses humour, pop culture, dance, and hip-hop to introduce students to an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and knowledge. Sean is a dynamic and versatile comedian, rap singer, dancer and storyteller who educates non-Aboriginal students through comedy and entertainment to raise their spirits and consciousness of First Nation peoples.

Session 2

Bruce Shillings-Worth and his son Buddy spoke about voice, treaty and truth and shared their interesting stories and acknowledgement of Aboriginal histories.

Session 3

Year 7 students experienced boomerang throwing with Warren Bridges. While enjoying the sun and waiting for his turn to throw the boomerang, Warren shared with Damien the importance of boomerang-throwing through history and taught the students the correct technique to throw a boomerang. Students enjoyed this activity thoroughly and took the opportunity to throw the boomerang many times. Mr Rozario, Ms Saad and Mr D’Addona organised Aboriginal sporting activities for Year 7 students. Students thoroughly enjoyed participating in these activities and developed a deeper understanding of these sporting activities through history.

Session 4

Drone-flying with Liana Rose and Kyara was most entertaining as they spoke about the contribution of Aboriginal knowledge to the development of drones, and taught our students the importance of storytelling from a ‘drones- eye’ point of view.


At 1.30 pm, Year 7 students, guest speakers and performers were treated to a BBQ lunch consisting of kangaroo and beef sausages. We would like to thank Ms Conidaris, Ms Davies, Mrs Lathouras and Mrs Cazouris for ordering preparing, cooking and serving on the day.

Report written by our Aboriginal students Damien, Emelita and Tahleeha

The first session today was with Sean in the hall with his comedy act. It was a very funny and entertaining show. The second session for the day was with Bruce Shillings-Worth and his son Buddy. They spoke about voice, treaty and truth and shared their interesting stories and acknowledgement of Aboriginal history. For the third activity, we had two lovely women that had enough kindness to bring their fun and entertaining drones for our Year 7s to use. For the fourth session we had Aboriginal sports run by Mr Rozario and Ms Saad. It was very fun and amusing for the Year 7s. We would like to thank Dr Roger Bourne and all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
for making this day special.

Story contributed by Roger Bourne from Kingsgrove North High School. Published in 2019.